How to tell if your Beagle is sick

A beagle puppy

A beagle puppy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just like kids, dogs also get sick. Its not always easy to tell if your
beagle is sick. There are some signs to watch for.

Signs that Your Beagle Maybe Sick

1. Loss of Appetite A sudden loss of appetite, is a clue
that your beagle is sick. If they don’t drink much water. You need to go ahead and get them
checked by a vet. If you can as gross as it is, get a ziplock bag, and take a sample of their stool with you
when you take them to the VET. It can help out alot.

2. Sleeping and Loss of Energy Beagles are known for their energy. If your beagle is
laying down, more than usual, he could be sick.

To check if your dog is running a temperature, check under their ears.

3. Change in their eyes My beagle Hunter became sick, his bright eyes, became dull. Any changes in brightness
or color of your pet’s eyes, can be a sign that they are sick.

Video Tips How to Tell if Your Dog is Sick: Including how to take Your Dog’s Temperature

When my beagle Hunter became sick as a puppy, he wouldn’t eat. He wouldn’t even take any sips of water. His usual playful energy,
was instantly changed. He was suddenly laying down.

He didn’t want to go for a walk. He had no interest in playing with his favorite ball. So I checked under his ears. It felt hot. His eyes
had lost their brightness. So I took him to the vet. After some tests, the VET concluded that my beagle had kennel cough.
The vet told us what to do.


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