Cleaning Your Beagles Ears

Beagles are happy to rest without being exerci...

Beagles are happy to rest without being exercised to exhaustion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beagles have those cute floppy ears.
Its very important to check your dogs
ears, because beagles are prone to ear mites,
bacteria and yeast.

Their ears tend to trap moisture. So its important
to clean their ears, at least once a week or more often
if they tend to be itching. If they are itching alot,
take them to the vet and have their ears checked.

I had a cocker spaniel and I thought he was itching due to ear mites,
and asked my mom to take him to the vet. So glad we did. He had a foxtail
stick in his ear, we had no idea it was there. This can also
happen with beagles. So be sure to have them checked.

Vet Tips:Cleaning Your Beagle’s Ears :

Common Signs of Ear Infection:

Rubbing scratching and sensitivity to their ears being touched.
Shaking their head and ears constantly, irritability, or having
a yellow or brown discharge or any kind of foul smell from their ears,
take them to the vet. Ear mites are highly contagious to other pets
you may have.

Also watch out for foxtails getting stuck in their ears. Your vet will give you a solution
to put in your beagles ears to help with the inflammation, will also show you how to massage and
clean their inner ear, and some common things you should look for.

If your beagle goes in the water alot, check for trapped water in their ears.
Even after a bath this is a common thing that can happen.


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